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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Theodora Garner: Big Time Momentum

 From: Theodora Garner <fdsf@cs.com>
Date: 2012/9/15
Subject: Big Time Momentum

Hey there, would you want to profit $3600 this week? Devote $310 in a Blockbuster Stock: EMP_M!!! It's appraised to climb to $0.28 price target!

Date: Mon, Sep 17
Company: Empire Post Media Inc
Tick: EMP_M
Price: 0.012
Target: .28

EMP_M is geared to be a successful blockbuster in PR of 3D materials in United States. 3D TV set market share is ready to grow large by around 460%, Apartments with 3D TV sets will rise to 359 mln in 2015!!!

EMP_M shall provide big profits for You this fall season. Grab $310 of EMP_M on Mon, September 17. Contact broker or sign up for broker account like Options Express!!!


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