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Friday, June 29, 2012

Anderson Ebokun - Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

 From: ENG ANDERSON EBOKUN <info@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2009 1:10 AM

Dear Sir/Madam



My name is Eng. Anderson Ebokun, Group General Manager Audit, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). I am also the chairman of Contract Review Panel  of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) set-up by the new board of the NNPC to review all contracts awarded by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) from April 1999 t0 April 2007 following the disolution of the former NNPC Board in April 2007 by the Federal Government of Nigeria.


On behalf of my colleagues and I at the cooporation, we seek for your assistance in the transfer of Sixteen Million, Four Hundred Thousand (US$16,400,000.00) into your bank account for further private investment purposes, hence our request for your assistance.


In the course of our duty in the review all contracts awarded by the past board of the NNPC, we discovered among other things, that a staggering sum of Sixteen Million, Four Hundred Thousand (US$16,400,000.00) is floating in the bank account of the NNPC at African Development Bank unclaimed. Upon a more careful investigation, we discovered that this sum was accrued from over-invoiced contracts for Mud/Brine and Chemical & Engineering Services for thirty-four (34) Deep Offshore wells in 2006 to expatriate companies. The contract which was originally valued at One Hundred and Fifty- Eight Million, Seven Hundred and Sixty-Six Thousand United States Dollars (US$158,766,000.00) was manipulated to read One Hundred and Seventy-Five Million One Hundred and Sixty-Six Thousand United States Dollars (US$175,166,000.00). We did not want to make this discovery a public information because heads will roll considering the calibre of the people involved, so my colleagues and I unanimously agreed to seal this information


Drilling and completion fluid management and associated services including but not limited to design, mixing, testing and treatment with all items, ancillary and optional equipment. Preparing of special items e.g. lost circulation pills, stuck-pipe pills, etc., as and when required. Furnish all equipments, labour, materials and services. Supply timely on rig/well site all chemicals and additives required for mixing and maintaining the mud (Gycol, Lao, Esther, OBM, Drill-in, Saturated Size salt system, Silicate, etc.) and completion fluids, inclusive supply of bulk barite and bentonite including but not limited to: (A.) Oil Base Mud Chemicals & Additives: Required environmentally friendly mud types (Esther, Olefin oil base muds or equivalent) (B.) Water Base Mud & Chemical Additives: Required Spud-in mud and polymer mud types (glycol, silicate water base mud types or equivalent). (C.) Completion Fluids Chemical Additives: Required additives and chemical for completion/workover
  of standard (lightbrine: Calcium


What we expect from your mail during reply are:

1. Name and address of your bank.
2. Your account number.
3. Swift Code of your bank.
4. The account beneficiary, Name and address.
5. Your telephone and fax numbers, for easy communication.


We have unanimously agreed that you will retain 30% of the total amount for your assistance because it will be impossible for us as civil servants to claim the over-invoiced amount here in Nigeria without your assistance, and 70% is for us which we intend to invest in your country with your special assistance as soon as the fund transfer is transferred and confirmed in your bank account.


All modalities to effect the payment and subsequent transfer of this money have been carefully worked out, so this transaction is 100% risk free, though, you are required to treat this business with strictest confidenciality. At the receipt of your email confirming your willingness to assist us, we will require from you copy of standard document of self identification as a trust instrument in order to build a trust bridge between us and assure us of the safety of our money when transferred into your bank account, which is required in this business hierarchy.

I wait for your immediate reply.

Eng. Anderson Ebokun


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