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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Central Bank Of Africa: Ugo Eze

 From: "Mr. Ugo Eze" <info@westernunion.com>
To: <undisclosed-recipients:>
Sent: Friday, June 19, 2009 6:06 AM
Subject: Here is the payment information:MTCN:3763944573

My Dearest Friend ,

My working partner has helped me to send you the first payment of $5000.00.Through Western Union.here is the information; MTCN:3763944573 SENDER FIRST NAME: Erika ) SECOND NAME.. Boatang .

So I told him to keep sending you $5,000.00 daily untill the payment of $500.000.00.is completed.

Please if there is any problem again you contact the Western Union Office with below informations below:

> CONTACT PERSON: Mr Richard Lee.
> TEL: +234-1-213-5653
> EMAIL:---(western.union.agnt1@windowslive.com)

Here is the information they may need from you for more confirmation.
> Beneficiarey name------
> Address----------------
> Country----------------
> Tel phone--------------

From Central Bank Of Africa
Manager. Mr Ugo Eze.


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