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Monday, March 19, 2012

Barrister Sawat Pichit - SIAMRAK Bangkok

 From: Sawat Pichit Associate Chembers <postmaster@52weiguan.com>
Date: 2012/3/17
Subject: RE!!!

Dear Friend,

I am sending you this email and I believe you must have been getting something similar but still
seems this is the only best way of communication apart from telephone conversation, but we
cannot because there is a Bad people in the world and will not recognize the good ones, so I
advice you to settle down and read comprehensively and you will know I am for REAL.

Well,  Barrister Sawat Pichit  is my name, I was born in the City of Bangkok but I traveled
sometime and I studied in UK, I am a Solicitor. I am the Personal legal representative to Late
Mr. Edward Williams, who used to work with SIAMRAK Company Limited in Bangkok

Something painful happened on the 21st April 2007, as Mr. Edward Williams, was traveling from
Phuket for a holiday with his Wife and only Son Jerry, Unfortunately, while they were at along
Ratchaburi Express Road, they had an accident and they all lost their lives in the event of the

Since then, I have made several enquiries to your Embassy to locate any of my client's relatives,
this has also proved unsuccessful. Subsequent to these several failed efforts, I strong-willed to
unearth his associations over the Internet to locate any member of his family but for no avail,
hence, I wanted to put the announcement on television or news paper but that will alert the
bank knows that I don’t know any of his family member and then, they will have the chance to
confiscate the fund just like that. Right now, I contacted you to assist in repatriating the Fund.

This Bank has waited for me for more than two years now, So they issued me another notice to
provide the Next of Kin to late Mr. Edward Williams, who will claim the US$10 (Ten Million
United States Dollars Only) in their custody within the next Fourteen official working days as
the bank knows me very well, I do visit their office with Late Mr. Edward Williams, so they all
knows I and Mr. Edward Williams, and they all know that I am his only Attorney and they
believe I should know everything about him.

Since, I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for over more than two years now, I seek
your consent to present you to claim the fund as the Next of Kin, to the deceased, so as to enable
the Bank transfer the fund into your Account.

Upon receipt of the fund, I will either give you an account from another bank where you will
transfer my share to me or I will come over to your country to meet with you for the
disbursement of the fund, and then you and I will share the money in this order: 55% will be for
me, 45% will be for you. I have all the necessary legal documents that can back our claim we may
make with the Bank.

All I require is your honest co-operation to enable us seeing this deal through. I guarantee that
this will be executed under a justified arrangement that will protect you from any Breach of the

Thanks, as I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely Yours,

Barrister Sawat Pichit


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