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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Promotion price for DPF and mobile phone

From: Agnes
Date: 2011/4/18
Subject: Re: promotion price for DPF and mobile phone

Dear Customer,

Good day! Hope everything goes well to you. :)

We are a China manufacturer who make electronice products. Please find attached product list for your reference. Our price should be competitive in the market. If your order is very large, we will try to offer better price for you.

We offer OEM service ( products with customized functions or shapes, silkscreen printing logo, full colors printing logo, engraved logo, heat transfer logo and other OEM services). All our products have CE, ROHS and FCC standards. If you have more inquiry, please let us know. Thanks.

Best regards,
Agnes Zeise
Tel: 86-755-29789858
Fax: 86-755-29788629
Email: agnes@bestest.com.hk
MSN: agnes_zeise@hotmail.com


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