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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Need A Favour


From: Martin Eis
Date: Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 1:00 AM
Subject: I Need A Favour....

hi There,

I know I haven't emailed you in a while but I just could not let you miss this:

I was searching through my favourite forum yesterday when I came across a post. The post was by a user who goes by the username "chronus".

But what he said in his post was very interesting. Braggingly he talked about how he stumbled across a
website 2 weeks ago. The website was about a newsletter called "Stunning Stocks".

This newsletter has been running for years and the average return of each stock is 105.67%. "Chronus" went
on to explain how he'd invested in the last 3 stocks recommended and had so far earned $1937.24

He told everyone, on Sunday evenings he: Opens his emails, Downloads the latest stock recommendation... then
watches as his investment doubles in the next few days.

Other users of the forum, asked him of the web address where they could subscribe to this service. He declined.

He also posted again saying how he was luckily in the last 500 subscribers allowed. And how only 86 spaces were
left as he posted. But he said he wouldn't let go of this secret.

Without high expectations I emailed him through the forum. Unlike others in my email I was calm and pleasant.
I didn't demand the address of this website. Within a few hours of talking to him over emails, we had started
to forge a friendship. He honestly is a very nice guy.

In one of his emails he told me there were only 54 places left to be a newsletter subscriber. And right there
under that sentence was the link.


I immediately clicked onto the website, still 39 places left, I signed up and awaited my first stock pick.

Thank God He Told Me...
Stunning Stocks Is A Goldmine

Right now I've got $867.98 in my Scottrade account, after an innitial investment of $300.00. This newsletter is awesome.
I then rang round all my friends and loved ones, telling them to get to the nearest pc and subscribe for their own place.

Next I decided I would email you guys. The stickler is my email list (you) has nearly 50,000 subscribers. And guess what?
There are only 24 places left to become a subscriber as I write this.

Which means there is a very very slim chance, you can actually get your hands on this. So if you can bare it click on the
below link and scroll to the bottom. It should say in big black letters how many subscriber spaces left. If it's above 0,
you're in luck. I'd advise you to scroll to the top of the page and read it all:


Then sign up, place your first trade, and start living!




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