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Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Kill" The Lottery 5 Out Of 10 Times?

From: wellprofit
Date: Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 8:11 AM
Subject: "Kill" The Lottery 5 Out Of 10 Times?

Can Anyone Win The Lottery? ...Or How Did I Manage To "Kill" The Lottery 5 Out Of 10 Times?


Well … if I would have been asked this question ten years ago, I would have said that “ NO! It’ s mpossible to win so often” … but after I spent eight years in developing a system that is guaranteed to win 5 out of 10 times … now my answer will be:

“ YES, anyone can win the lottery if you know how to play”.

This huge work took about eight years. It didn’t matter too much to me. I had the time of my life because I was playing with numbers. After countless failed “ revelations” and endless testing … on a beautiful day in April, I decided to give another shot to my latest discovery. I played a simple ticket that cost me $5.

Bang!!! The next weekend hit me with the best news of my life: I WON $200,000 in cold cash! I hit all 6 numbers. It wasn’t a lot of money in game that week .

From that point on, it was a piece of cake … the lotto pattern was discovered. I knew I would never need to worry about money again. My secret was making me money like crazy. After another two weeks …

BANG!!! … Another $125,000 prize won again. As you can see … I didn’t win every single time, but it didn’t matter. I had enough money and time to perfect my FORMULA even more.

I already had the winner’s platform, and it was only a matter of time until I hit the big Jackpot.

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Thank you for your time

The Lotto Team


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