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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Continental Bank Benin

From: Mr. Fattika Sitta
Date: Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 10:21 PM
Subject: Dear NN
To: ...@gmail.com
Cc: ...@gmail.com

Dear Respectful NN,

Please I urge your patience and little time to read this message carefully for our mutual benefits. I got your contact online and decided to approach you with this clean and simple beneficial business worth £7.2 MILLION POUNDS to be benefited between me and you. Please this is not one of those letters or stories out there that are well known as joke. But after reading, if it does not interest you kindly delete the message and keep this secret within you.

My name is Fattika Sitta (Mr); I am the Tokpa Branch Manager of Continental Bank-Benin. I have packaged a beneficial business which I would like to execute with you as involves the amount of money mentioned above. As the manager of this branch it is my duty to give Financial Income Accountability to the headquarters at the end of each mid-year and end of the year transactions. On the course of last Financial Income Accountability, I discovered that my branch made surplus income of Seven Million Two Hundred Thousand British Pounds Sterling (£7,200,000.00) which our headquarters and no single staff is aware of. I wisely destroyed all files on this amount and diverted it to a Transit Borrowed Account under pending beneficiary information so that it can be released to anybody that apply claim on the fund hence the person is a foreigner.

Please I seek your consent to present you as the owner/depositor of the money, I shall use my power as the manager of this branch to cover you up and identify you as my branch customer and manipulate our headquarters to grant immediate transfer order of the fund to your bank account in your country then both of us will share the money 40% for you and also 40% to me, while the remaining 20% would be given/donated to the motherless babies homes and orphanages to support the less privileged. The arrangement is perfectly sealed and there is practically no risk involved, this is a very simple transaction since you are going to work with me as the manager of this branch where the fund is. It is well masterminded that the beneficiary's name and information is not stated, you will easily claim the fund, all you need to possess is the account data which I shall give to you as soon as you indicate your interest and willingness to work with me.

Remember, I am the manager of this branch and the fund is in my branch, so you are completely covered and have absolutely nothing to worry about since you are going to work directly with me. I am here to protect you and monitor the arrangement secretly until the fund is wired into your account peacefully. As a manager in this bank I cannot be directly connected to this money because of the policy here which says that no official in the bank is allowed to operate foreign bank accounts or involve in any local or foreign financial transactions outside the bank's service. That is why I am seeking for your collaboration to succeed this deal because I cannot handle it without liaising with a foreigner.

Your safety in this deal is 100% guaranteed with full assurance of success; I shall educate you more on how the arrangement will be carried out successfully without any problem. Get back to me immediately and indicate your interest and willingness so that we can discuss over the details and vital data you would need pertaining this deal. Call me at: +229 97 96 48 38 at all time.

I wait for your Call and mail. Thank you in advance.

Mr. Fattika Sitta
Tokpa Branch Manager,
Continental Bank-Benin,
Private Tel: +229 97 96 48 38
Private E-mail: fattika001@gmail.com


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