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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Reccomendation of amazing betting source

​From: Tonny <tonnybecks7@gmail.com>
Date: 2013/8/20
Subject: Reccomendation of amazing betting source


I am contacting because I would like to share friendly advice- namely looks like we both every day receive a messages with "fixed games proposal". It comes to us probably because somebody hacked one forum database (or more) in the past, that's why I have contact your contact adress because I was attached there too, and we got the same newsletter.

My advice: stop trusting not serious ;sources; who wants only your money. I did it several times and only lost money on fucking scammers...

Currently I have one source, man who has really acces to first hand sources - before I trusted him I checked him carefully to avoid once again dissapointing. So far I reached only amazing results with him, games with odds 4 and higher won easy like really max stake ! So looks like we have a chance for a permanent honest source.

If you want- visit www. borntowin. info (remove spaces,gmail doesn't allow me links) or direct email michael@ borntowin. info - this source looks really different the every else- professional!

I hope that he will accept you also as a customer and you find finally a great source to reliable paid picks. What's the most important- you will not pay anything at the beginning before prove (I think so, because I used this conditions).

If you don't want to follow my advice then I am sorry for my message and please remember that I don't offer you anything, just giving an friendly advice to help you,

best regards,



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