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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Greca Tony - Invitation: Financial Minister Federal Republic of Benin

From: Greca Tony <grecatony@yahoo.com.ph>
Date: 2013/2/16
Subject: Invitation: Financial Minister Federal Republic of Benin.

Financial Minister Federal Republic of Benin.

Saturday, February 16, 2013 4:00p - 5:00p (GMT+00:00) 
Attn legal Beneficiary; This is to inform you that your inhertance Fund valued of $950,000.00 US DOLLAR has been deposted with the western union money transfer office here in benin republic.This payment was arrengement by the Federal Republic of Benin Government, Under the co-operation of the new civilian Head of State, President DR BONI YAYI and the Governor of Daimond Bank Of Benin. Your payment will be sending to you by Western Union, the amount you will receive per day is $5000 The minister trust funds of Benin Republic will send you the currently standards track details you need to pick up your ($5,000.00) payment by Western Union Money Transfer, you will be receiving your payment by $5000.00 usd every day till you receive the $950,000.00.The director administrator trust funds have already signed your payment,kindly contact the below person who is in position to release your payment through Western Union by $5,000.00 per a day. Contact Person- Mr.James Otiaba,e-mail (transferpayments@yahoo.fr) Phone +229 986 573 26, The Western Union Money transfer center has been mandated to issue out your payment and you have to stop any further communication with any other person(s) or office(s) to avoid any hitches in receiving your payment. Note that the administrator payment need this details from you to process your payment: Your Receiver---- Your Country----- Your City------ Your Tel----- Your Passport----- Yours in service. Mrs Greca Tony Financial Minister Federal Republic of Benin.


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