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Monday, July 30, 2012

Raphael Blake: Multibbager

 From: Raphael Blake <pgignac@nmci-isf.com>
Date: 2012/7/30
Subject: Multibbager

Can we interest you in an extra $20,000 this week? Are you able buy in $1100 into a super-nova corp.? VN D_B is known to produce 300% goins. The very similair compiting company have their stock trading at $3.44 currently. Vendum inc makes battaries for mobiles, a $63 billion business.

Vendum reached $1.20 in May 2010. Why? Because of the major developments and we see them coming this week. Vendum will probably have $315 mln worth of battaries sold. It means outrages gains for the buyers!

Trade Date: Monday, July 30th
Tick: VN D_B
Current Price: 0.05
Long Term Target: .65

Go buy $1100 of VN D_B on 07/30/2012 - this Monday. Talk to your broker or better yet place your order online with  (*Ameritrade or similair).


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