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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dear Account User Security Alert

 From: Help Desk Service <zhuangdh@shstj.gov.cn>
Date: 2012/4/2
Subject: Dear Account User Security Alert...

Dear Account User:

It has come to our notice that your email has not passed the verification/Update process that we are presently working on.

We are currently upgrading our data base and e-mail account center, thereby deleting all Old  mail email account to create more space for new accounts.To prevent your account from closing you will have to update it so that we will know that it's a presently used account. To complete your account e-confirmation, you must reply to this email immediately and enter your account details as requested below.

Email User-name :..............
EMAIL Password :..............
Date of Birth : ...........
Country or Territory :........

****IMPORTANT :****
This updating is compulsory as a result of our recent server changes. If you fail to update your email address you will soon be unable to receive/send mails.Also your email will not be equipped with the latest anti-virus system on our new servers.This will make your email and PC vulnerable to virus attacks from the internet.

To update simply reply the above to upgrading admin as appropriate.Failure to do so immediately will lead to SUSPENSION OF YOUR ACCOUNT.

Thanks for your co-operation,
Mail Administrator.


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